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Time Donation Letter

Time Donation letters should be aimed at requesting the precious involvement of a person or organization in the dissemination of a message for social cause and propaganda. For this you need to make a clear presentation of the action plan that you are proposing to put before the society and how valuable that particular person’s or organization’s contribution is in this regard. By requesting for such a donation, you are in fact demanding not only time, but that person’s good will, reputation and credibility in the society. If a person of good reputation is backing your proposal it means you are gaining more public support

Points to remember;

1) Always specify statement of your purpose and make sure no unnecessary details are left

2) Adopt the tone in accordance with the target audience you are speaking to i.e. individual or a group

3) Underline the social commitments that have been undertaken by the person or the organization

4) Specify how such acts will boost the good will for it

Time Donation Letter Sample











Subject: Time Donation for girl education

Respected Sir/Madam,

As you know during these days, there is no difference between a girl and boy and that girls have even outsmarted the boys in many fields. Unfortunately in certain spheres of our life including education, we see discrimination between the two. In our village several girls are not getting enough education and are not being sent to the schools. In order to take up their cause we plan to make an awareness campaign along with media publicity. For that let us ask your Time to be a part of it. Some of your smart and highly educated persons can help us out in this issue. We will be grateful for that

It is people like you who are educated and ready to disseminate the message of education that should responsibly take up such issues. And we are sure you will too. Thank you sir.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Meena Vani

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