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Encouragement Letter – Letter of Encouragement to a Relative

Encouragement letter has some greater importance and impact in our daily social life. Have you ever considered the importance of the encouragement letter in your life? A well written encouragement letter can make or change of someone’s life. It is not something that will make one feel better who will receive the encouragement letter from you but it is also something that will make you feel better when you will see someone successful in his or her life because of you. Encouragement letter has many sub sections. It could be sent by the boss of the company to the employee to encourage him or her to work better that may bring better result to the company and will lead him or her to success as soon as possible. Another interesting section of the encouragement letter is the encouragement letter to the relative. This is something which is entirely social. It is not tough o write the encouragement letter to the relative but to encourage someone to the most grade possible one needs to take care of few important things. To write an impressive and impactful encouragement letter there are few things need to keep in mind. They are:

  • The encouragement letter to the relative should have some informal approach.
  • The encouragement letter must be personal and it should carry that approach to make the other person feel real close who is reading the letter or the person To Whom It May Concern.
  • One has to be very careful about the words as the letter carries an emotional approach so the wrong word may cause some opposite reaction.
  • Face emotion should not be provided or else it would be something of no use.

Encouragement letter to a relative Sample 



Edward Cooper,

6B, Bijay Mukherjee Lane,




Date: 8/8/13

Dear Ed,

How are you doing these days? Just yesterday I met your mother and she said about your new research plan. I hope you are having a great time India and completely in love with the country. Especially the city Kolkata has some much more attraction with the people of that place and their food culture. I came to know that you are planning to conduct the research on the Bengali food. This could be something very good.

Few things that I would like to mention regarding this that do not think about the end result and the future prospect of this research. This could be important but do think much with that. Rather try to take the essence and love of the food they have and try to understand the passion for food. This could make you realize many things that will help you in the future. Take a good care of yourself.

Yours caring

Uncle Vini

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