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Co Workers Farewell Letter

A co workers farewell letter is a letter announcing a farewell from the present institute where the worker is working in. he thanks all the colleagues and all the people who have co-ordinate during his entire working time. In this letter one can mention the new institute’s name where the co worker is going to join.

7th July’2010

Dear All,

Today is the last day of my presence in XYZ Corporation and will be joining a new firm from tomorrow. I have joined ND Sales Corporation as an Assistant Manager and will be commencing work from tomorrow itself. I have worked as a manager in our institute and have enjoyed working here. I have learnt a lot from here and enjoyed working with all my colleagues.

My cell number is the same and my residential address also is the same. You all please be in touch and either of you can contact me any time of the day. I would appreciate if you all will keep in touch when ever required. How ever I thank all of you present here and appreciate all your coordination. I will miss all of you who present here and the entire management who made me legible for this position.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

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