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Medical Farewell Letter

This kind of letter is written for telling thanks to the teachers in a medical college. Moreover it appreciates the values which are being imbibed within the students. This medical farewell letter thanks the teachers along with granting gratitude for every teaching staff. By cherishing every kind of moments along with the time which was spent with the teachers as well as the students can also be expressed in to the letter.

Tips for writing medical farewell letter

  • Polite tone should be used – During writing theses kinds of medical farewell letters; one should use a polite tone and words. It is better not to use rude words.
  • Should be hand written – Medical farewell letters should be usually written by hand.
  • Sensitive in nature – Most of these kinds of farewell letters are sensitive in nature, so should be written in a careful manner.
  • Mentioning certain beautiful moments – As it is a farewell letter, the writer should mention some good memories as to cherish those again by the reader.
  • Writing differently – During writing a medical farewell letter, a person should be very serious and write it in a different way.
  • Should be full of emotions – As this letter is written by most of the students, it should contain emotions and ad up a loving touch in to it.
  • Should be well appreciative – This kind of farewell letter is supposed to be a final goodbye to a teacher, so it should be fully appreciative.
  • Personal in nature – As it is a farewell letter, the writer should add a personal touch in to it.

Sample of medical farewell letter Sample


7th August 2013

BK Medical College,

18th Street,


Dear all,

A person can be well disciplined if he or she can achieve any sorts of thing which is being taught in the institution. The compassion and love attachment which was taught in this institution was the exact meaning of success. I am proud of being a part of this college. Moreover I would like to thank each and everyone who have taught these values to me.

I would also thank the Dean who has inculcated everyone in all kinds of ways. In addition to it, the Dean has given us the best education available till date. I really appreciate for the support and values taught in us with the assistance of our honorable teachers. My best wishes are every time with the teaching as well as the non-teaching staff, who had assisted us in many other things also. We will miss all the moments spent in this medical college. Thanking you all once again.

Yours sincerely,


Danish Agarwal

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