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Follow Up for the Job Application Sent

As an individual, you wouldn’t want to wait long for a response from a company you applied for employment from. If you have applied for that job you have always wanted and the response time is taking too long do not give up write a follow up letter. In this case you would write a follow up letter for the job application sent. In this letter you simply inquire about the letter you earlier sent to the company. You should make sure to give the detailed information while writing so that the letter could easily be referenced to the first letter of application. So do not lose hope but follow up on the issue, after all its work we are talking about.

The requirements in a follow up letter on job application

If you have applied for a job it proper to receive either a letter of acceptance or you get declined. No matter the case you should receive feedback. So when you have waited for long and nothing comes in your mail, it is time to write a follow up letter. When writing although make sure to keep the following tips in mind. This will ensure your message is passed effectively and comprehended.

Be formal – make sure to use a tone that is serious, but do not get rude towards your recipient, make sure as you keep a serious tone, you are also polite. This will enable you to get a quick and maybe a good feedback.

Reference – it would well be advised of you to reference on the issue that you are following up on. This gives the recipient a clear view of what you are talking about. If it is an interview make sure to say for which job and also the dates you attended the interview.

Brief and precise – do not go on by writing stories about unnecessary information. From the first word you write get straight to the point and address your issue.

Identity – make sure to also identify yourself as the person who is following up on a job application, and interview or whatever it might be.

With these simple rules to keep in minds, also do not forget to use correct grammar as you write and also the right punctuations.

Follow Up for the Job Application Sent Sample


Cathy Kilonza

Spinners Company

P.O. Box 62000-00200, Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya

1st January 2001

Dear Mrs. Kilonza

I am writing reference to the application letter and CV I had sent during last month. I had applied after seeing your advert in the television. Since my application I have not yet received feedback.

I am really interested with working with your firm. This opportunity would be enough for me to give my best to your company. If there is need for more information, please contact me. I can be reached on (+254)713-071-251.

Thank you,



Brenda Mumo.

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