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Follow up on a Complaint from a Customer

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Dear Name,

This is with respect to the complaint we got from customer about the faulty air conditioner .The letter is dated ______ and the customer’s name is ___________. According to the complaint she had purchased the air conditioner two months back from the ____________ out let. The details of the letter you can get from their letter dated. She had continued writing to us several times and the customer is very unhappy about all this.

I have full faith that you can solve the problem. Please look into the matter and follow up with the customer. I am sure you are aware that customer satisfaction is what we see. I want you to rectify this complaint as soon as possible. The customer is very disappointed and I have assured her that this will be solved within a week. Please call up the customer and inform her about the steps taken to resolve the problem and how soon you can give her a solution.

Please keep me informed about the developments.


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