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Charity Fundraising Letters

Charity starts at home; I think this is a cliche to most of you. But even if it is a common saying to everyone it will always remain the truth. To be able to do be a charitable person, you obviously have to begin at home. So to help others you have to start by helping those near you. Being in the world of charity and giving you require funds sometimes, funds that maybe you do not have at that time. In this type of situation you would probably need to write a letter looking for donors. You would write a simple letter known as a charity fundraising letter. With this letter you are able to ask for funds from your specified donors. The letter should include why you need funds and also how the fundraiser will benefits your donors.

What you need to write a charity fundraising letter

Being a person who loves charity work, you probably get emotion and like touching the hearts of different types of people. So when you are writing make sure to  be emotional in the same letter, write the cause you are fundraising for and also the advantages of the fundraiser to you, and also to the donor. With this beneficial pointers here you will be able persuade your donors.

Tone –use a formal tone in the charity letter, this is important because it is a letter of importance and urgency.

Detailed information on the fundraiser – when written to a donor, you need to fully explain to them what they are funding towards and the reason of the fundraiser.

Get personal – asking for funds from someone is not an easy task do you should get personal with the donor and make sure to make them understand your point of view.

With all this in mind, you are ready to write that professional letter. Just remember to keep it brief and also make sure to use correct grammar and punctuations.

Charity fundraising letter Sample



Winy Angaya

Street Address

P.O. Box 62000-00200, Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya

Dear Mr. Anthony

Hello, this letter is to remind you of the annual charity event we hold at the end of the year. We are glad to be expecting you. This is a fundraising event. We are raising money for our soldiers fighting in the war. They need new equipment and more food. The entrance fee will work as a funds being raised towards this. Please make sure to attend so as to take care of our brothers.

Location: Municipal church

Date: 13th December 2002

Time: 8am to 3pm

Entrance fee: 1500 shillings

We truly hope to see you there! Thanks in advance for your support.


Anthony Mumo

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