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Church Fundraising Letters

Letters written for raising funds for the maintenance and church repairs are church fundraising letters. These letters are written to all the people who are interested in donating money for the welfare of the church.

Mr. John Shenny


Shenny & Sons Pvt. Ltd

Dear Mr. Shenny,

This letter is on behalf of Ages Saint Church for raising funds for completion of the construction of our church. We all are aware that you are a very active phenomenon for the church proceedings in all the terms. We do require some monitory help from you for the enclosed devotee list. This will help is in the final completion of the church construction too.

You must be very much aware that this construction has taken almost five years and is on the verge of completion. We are expecting entrepreneurs like you to donate some funds for Ages Saint Church for this New Year. Do contact us if at all you need any details from our side in terms of charity. It will be a great pleasure for us to receive your interest in any terms.

Do mail us on our official website if requires and we are also easily available during office hours.

Thanks and Regards,

Harry Porter.

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