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College Fundraising Letter

In the educational environment, raising funds is common. Schools write letters requesting for funds for educational trip, projects, sports team or just renovations within the school. If perhaps you are in college and are holding a fundraiser, the best applicable letter here is the college fundraising letter. This letter, written by a college, be it a team, club or the staff, it is used to ask for donations from a viable donor. Through this letter you are able to explain the purpose of the fundraiser, the aim of the funds raised and also the total amount of funds needed to achieve your targeted goals. This letter can be written to anyone, especially parents of students in the college and also supporting members of the college.

What to keep in mind

When you want to write a college fundraising letter, you probably want to write your best. You will be able to persuade the donor to donate the amount required by writing a well formatted and professional letter. To achieve this, you need to keep the following in mind as you write.

Tone – use a friendly and serious tone towards the recipient. With this you will able to pass your message in a simple way so that the potential donor can comprehend your message effectively.

Encouragement- Since you are writing asking for funds, you need to encourage the donor towards donating to your cause. Make them see the benefits of the fundraiser.

Fully detailed – through this you are able to fully explain all the information required about the fundraiser. That is, the date of fundraiser, amount to be donated, why you are conducting the fundraiser and also who is benefiting from the fundraiser.

Emotional – to be able to win the donors heart, you need to get emotional with them, make them understand the cause of the fundraiser. When you get down to a level of emotional state you be able to convince them.

With this few tips in mind you are more than ready to write that professional letter.

College Fundraising Letter Sample


12th July 2001

Winy Angaya

P.O. Box 62000-00200, Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya

Dear All,

This letter is to inform you about the fundraising campaign that our charity group will start. The charity group is part of our college; it is a group dedicated to the helping of the needy. We are planning to start a charity organization which will helping during disaster such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or hunger. This will enable to cater for those affected victims during such calamities.

As a member of the school, we are asking for a total amount of 78000 shillings donation from each and every one of you. This will enable us to fund the project. Thanks for your support over the years in making this college what is today.


Brenda Mumo

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