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Effective Fundraising Letter

What is an effective fundraising letter?

A fundraiser is any activity with the aim of raising funds to go towards a certain cause. An organization is among the many groups that indulge themselves in fundraising. Or it might be a private fundraiser whereby it is held by a certain individual(s). First of all to be able to have that well planned fundraiser you need to write an effective fundraising letter. This letter will ensure order in the way you do your things. An effective fundraiser is all what ones requires and wants so that to reach that targeted goal of rising funds. With a few wits here and there you would be able to write a fundraising letter but how sure are you that it will be effective enough to work.

How to have an effective fundraiser

When you want to have people donate to your certain cause and see the true meaning and have the same motivation as you, you need to write an effective letter. A letter that draws that donor to donating generously or even attending the fundraiser. In order to do this you need to consider the following tips and guidelines toward an effective letter. With this you will be able to achieve the requirements of your fundraiser.

Formal – be formal and use a serious tone while you write this letter so as to show the importance of the letter.

Detailed information – to make it better, ensure that you include the benefits that the funds donated has done, make sure to explain to them why you need the money.

Emotional – to make the point of fundraising understood by the donor, you need to get a bit into their hearts, write also with an emotional tone and perspective.

Keep it short – even if it’s a thank you letter, you need to keep it short, you might spoil the quality of your thank you while writing a long boring story.

With the same format as the first letter you had sent asking for funds, so will this one be except the only difference will be the body, this time you are thanking not asking for funds. Make sure to keep it formal and polite as you write.

Effective Fundraising Letter Sample


Dear Mrs. Angaya,

Hi, am writing to inform you about our upcoming fundraiser that is set to on 12th April 2000. The fundraiser will be held at the central boy’s high school and will begin at 8 pm.

You are among our best donor and we would also thank you for your support and also your previous donations during our fundraiser. We much appreciate the effort you have putting in our events.

The fundraiser will raise money in constructing a new children hospital. Our children are falling sick and some getting to a critical condition that we can handle. We have decided to raise capital toward this. I hope that you will continue with your support and make a contribution today of Kshs 5,000.

The funds are urgently needed since it our children we are talking about here. So next time your child falls sick and needs medical attention, you are now able to take them to hospital. So make that donation and save lives.

Brenda Angaya


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