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Fundraising Letter for Aged People

Being old is not a joke, my grandmother once told me. The more you age, the more you just get tired and you just do not have the strength to keep on going. With few homes that care for the aged people, more and more organization are joining hands and building more homes. Some might borrow money from banks through a loan, but having a fundraiser will be easier and you will not owe money to anyone. So in order to get donations you need to have donors. And these donors can be informed of the fundraiser through a letter, a fundraising letter for aged people. With this letter you are able to request donors to raise funds and help out in catering for aged people.

Best tips on writing this letter

You might think it is hard to write this letter, but very easy, you already know you are writing to help out aged people. It is not that much different from any other fundraising letter. Since it is a professional letter, you need to keep it formal and official. With this few tips you would be able to get those donors sending money to your organization.

Formal – Make sure to be formal and have a tone that shows how serious you are. Make it business like.

Detailed information – While writing, do not forget to give the necessary required information. Since it’s a fundraiser make sure to emphasize on the benefits that will be caused by the fundraising and also how it will be a merit to the less fortunate.

Simple – Your letter should be short and straight forward. Use simple English and make sure to use emotional words so that you can get your receiver to understand the letter. Having it brief and straight forward makes it easy to read and also understandable.

Reasons ­– Also it would be important that you give your reason to sending the money, and also you want to make the donor have the enough reasons to do so.

With your already acquired knowledge on letters plus the ones above you will be a pro at writing such letter.

Fundraising Letter for Aged People Sample


29th May 2003

Mr. and Mrs. Angaya

P.O. Box 62000-00200, Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Angaya,

We are glad to inform you that, Keeping you young charity group, a group aiming to help homeless and the aged people, will be holding a fundraiser on 19th January in order to build a new home for the aged people in the residential area.

The new home will be an expansion of the old one, and now we will be able to provide more facilities and cater for more aged people.

With your donation of 7500 shillings we would be able to achieve this goal.

Thank you for all your previous support and we are looking toward your generous donation.

Yours Sincerely,

Bree Mumo.

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