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Fundraising Letter Template

A template letter is a sample letter which is drafted to send requests to contribute funds for different charity homes. This letter can be sent to all the people interested in charity. Such letters help to contribute a good sum of money for any kind of charity.

Mr. Sam Pal (name of the person whom you want to address)

Managing Director

AZT Company Ltd. (company’s name)

Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms

This letter is on behalf of Sweet Home Society (name of the charity home)  for homeless and aged people. I as a part of managing committee request you to contribute some funds for the welfare of this society. I have also enclosed the list of some names and a list of a few necessities.

You can contribute the amount you wish to in the name of your company or personally. As you very well know we have branches all over and do help aged people and homeless when ever required in food, shelter as well as clothing. Please do help us in raising funds and helping these orphans.

Please do respond positively which will be highly appreciate able. You can also con tact us on 2345678 (official telephone number) if you wish to.


Soha Kane


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