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General Fundraising Letter

A normal fundraising letter makes people aware of raising funds for needy people. Cooperating during different events for such welfare really helps the society as well as needy.

14th August 2010

Dear all,

We as a social service institute have organized a fundraising program for the weavers of Kanchipuram. This year we have decided to raise funds for these people. We as a group have organized a carnival with lots of fun loving games on November 14.

On the behalf of the children’s day this day will be an auspicious day to have a carnival for these needy. By attending this carnival you will be serving the needy people. The ticket charges are Rs. 500/ for an adult and the children below 12 years will be allowed for free. The entire money received during this carnival will be used to help these needy people.

People who are not aware of our camp should know that we work for the laborers who work hard and who need a boost for working more and more. We all invite you to join us for this event and help these labors upliftment program.

Thanking you all.

Yours truly,

Joseph Dare


Sweet Homes society.


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