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Money Raising Letter

Money raising letter to different people for charity helps a lot in for the welfare of the needy people. Musical concerts to raise money for these orphans are organized in big cities to create awareness.

7th July’2010


Mrs. Dora More

Vice President,

Selly Services

Dear Mrs. More,

I Susana Lee represent the “Sweet Homes” charity homes. We as a social service institute have organized many musical shows on the streets of New York today. There will be tickets for these shows. The tickets will be sold at a very minimal cost.

This event is organized to gather funds for the welfare of the charity homes. Please do cooperate with us by watching musical concerts. The money collected by selling the tickets will be of great use to such needy people. This charity home has many orphans and many old age people who are homeless. The funds collected are then used in the basic needs of such people. It takes a lot of pains to run such charity homes. At the same time it is fun to help to be actively involved in this charity home.

It is a kind request to get as many people as possible for these musical concerts. Do help us to help the needy.

Thanking you,


Susan Lee


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