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Successful Fundraising Letter

A successful fundraising letter is written to thank all who have helped to raise funds for a charity unit. This letter is written to be grateful to all and disclose the amount which was expected and the amount which is collected for the welfare of a charity home.

Mr. Neil Watt

Chief- Managing Committee

Watt Helping Society

Dear Mr. Watt

This letter is to inform you the amount which is collected for charity and helping the orphans in Watt Helping Society. We could collect funds more than expected. The expected amount was $75000 and we could collect $81000 during this fund raising program.

This fund will boost our capability and give us an encouragement to gather a good some of money to help these needy and orphans. A challenging fund raising program could raise a good amount of funds which indeed has helped many branches of Watt Helping Society. This collection has really given all of us a smile on the face. Watt             Helping Society has organized a small get-together to appreciate all those who have worked hard to make this event a big success. We will let you know the time and date of the event. We are expecting your prestigious presence for the program.

Last but not the least thanking you all to make our fundraising program a grand success.

Thanks & Regards,

Mr.Sam Lobo

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