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Secret Holiday Letter

A secret holiday letter is usually written when the sender does not want to disclose the destination, yet inform the recipient to get ready to move on a holiday. Such a surprise letter to inform about a secret holiday is usually written between spouses or partners to bring on a smile and to make the person realize how important it is for you to see happiness on your partner’s face.

Here are some useful tips for writing a Secret Holiday Letter:

  1. Begin by saying that you have a surprise for your partner.
  2. Mention that you have planned a secret holiday and specify the duration and dates of your holiday plan.
  3. Tell your partner to pack conveniently according to his/her choice.
  4. Mention that you are as excited to go on this holiday and end by telling him/her to start packing and get ready to move.

Secret Holiday Letter Sample



Dear Grace,

I am sure this letter will make you jump off your seat! I have to tell you that we will be off on a holiday; but the destination is a secret. All that I can reveal is that these ten days of holiday will be fun and adventurous. We will leave from home on 30April and return on 09May2013.

I thought of making it a last minute surprise with packed bags, but I understand that you have to inform your office a little in advance for a ten-day absence. Please keep your packing light and charge your camera for some awesome shoots in the place we are going to.

I have done all bookings and will return from my tour on 25April2013. I am really excited to go on this holiday with you just to see that smile and happiness on your face.

I hope to see you ready for the surprise holiday to a secret destination. Take care and start your preparations.


Yours Lovingly,


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