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Inform Letter for Defects in a Product

In the commercial sector, defective products can lead to a huge inconvenience to the customers or sometimes prove to be hazardous even. Especially electrical and electronic components face these problems and hence complaints from customers are received for the replacement or repairing if the products according to the warrantee terms and processes. For these reasons Inform letters are written, addressing to the company or dealer, by the customers.

Few tips or rules for writing an appropriate inform letter for defects in a product:

1. The letter must me written as a request in a formal way, showing due decency.

2. Proper details of the product along with product name, number and others must be clearly                                                             mentioned in the letter.

3. If the user has contacted with anyone in the company about the defect in the product, it must also be mentioned, including the name of the person, involved with the company.

4. In case the company asks for the Xerox copies of the product’s documents, it must also be included with letter.

Inform Letter for Defects in a Product Sample






Date: _________ (Date on which the letter is written)






Subject: Complaint letter for defect in a product

Dear XYZ,

This letter is to inform you about the defect, the PQR product is having. I’ve bought it o XYZ from the ABC store and I’m facing a serious defect in the product. I’ve bought it for MNO rupees as already written in the photocopy of the receipt I’ve provided with this letter. I’ve talked to Mr. /Mrs. DEF, one of your company representatives and according to his advice I’ve addressed this letter to you.

I hope to receive the earliest possible services from your side for the replacement of the product.

Thanking you,
Yours truly

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