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Any business or a company has several legal aspects associated with them. To run the business smoothly and fairly and to curb illegal activities legal actions are necessary. Most of the contracts and agreements are legally drafted so that there will not be any conflicts.

In olden times, awareness about legal aspects was limited and people were getting cheated easily. But nowadays because of the growing awareness, several business men and company owners employ certified lawyers to take of their deals. Even if the person is a know one, still it is always better to undergo any agreement legally.

A legal letter is usually written by one party lawyer to the other party. Several letters like contract letter, agreement letter, rental letter, lease letter etc come under legal letters of different nature.

The following tips will help you to write a legal letter:

1. Legal letter is usually written by a certified lawyer.

2. Stamp paper should be used to write the legal letter for giving authenticity.

3. From the second page onwards, legal letter can be drafted using plain paper.

4. The addresses of both the parties should be mentioned on the letter.

5. Legal letter should be written in a transparent way.

6. The language used should be clear, simple and easily understandable by all.

7. In case there are any deadline dates, they should be mentioned in the letter.

Legal Letter Sample


Tenant Agreement Letter




_____________ ( your address)




_____________  ( address of the person the letter is addressed to)

Date: _________________ ( Date of which letter is written)

Subject: Tenancy agreement

Dear Mr.Nair,

This is an agreement with reference to the recent telephonic conversation to accept and deal with the clauses as per the proposal and enter into a tenancy agreement related to the subject.

This one is to acknowledge and confirm the clauses for paying a sum amount of Rs 20,000/ which includes monthly rental, water charge bills and amenities maintenance. Electricity charges should be borne separately. We further request to prolong the renewal period from twelve months to eighteen months.

Lastly we request you to give more than a month’s notice in case of vacating. We are hereby enclosing 5 post dated cheques abiding with the clauses and also includes the advance deposit.

Yours sincerely,


Mr. Ramakrishna


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