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I Really Love u letter

Dear love,

Since the day, I have met you, I know that you are a special person in my life. I feel incomplete without you; you have been all the support and guidance when I needed you. I feel stronger when you are around and confident that I can look straight into the world. I think you make me complete, and it’s because of your love that I face all the problems of life so easily. I sometimes get scared thinking what I would have done without you.

There are many things I wanted to write, but somehow I feel I can’t explain how much I love you. Initially, I was very scared to be in relationship with you. I was confused to be in another relation after the first abusive one. However, as we started spending more time and got to know you I felt you are the true companion who will always stand by my side. I just want you to remember that I truly love you, and I will be there for you any time. Thank you for coming into my life and changing my life. I cherish every moment that I spend with you.

With lots of love,

Your name.

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