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Love Letter Writing

Summary: When you want to write a letter to your boyfriend, you should use lovable words that travel into the heart of your guy. He will turn back to you at once he reads the letter. He should be able to understand what you are exactly trying to convey trough the letter. It is the most loving thing to do for your partner and you can win their heart through your expressive feelings.

Dearest Dipanshu,

From the day I laid my eyes on you, I knew that you were incredibly unique. I did not realize it then, but I recognize now that you are God’s extraordinary gift of love to me. You have loved me all the way through the sunshine and the downpour, and while at times I may not say it, I love you with the whole thing that I am. You are my best pal and the most adorable and caring individual I have ever known.

My love, you give the whole meaning to my life. It will be a credit to have you as my lover, and the father of my kids. Lots of love for you darling.



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