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Printable Love Letter

Summary – If you want some, easy to write love letters then printable love letters can solve your problems just apply this format and get started to write this letter. This given below is the good example of printable love letter and anyone who want something ready made and easy can choose this format.

Dear Meenakshi

You are the real treasure of my life and I will never loose you. In addition, I know it very well that in my whole life I can never have such sweetheart like u. you is the only precious pearl of the ocean of my heart. You are a ray of hope for my entire life. I want to keep all those moments we shared together inside my heart forever. When I am with you the time runs so fast. Spending my life with you will fell short for me to tell you how much I love you. Whenever I hear you, I feel like so enthusiastic. Just a mention of your name makes me the happiest one.

I wish I could tell you my love for you. Words are not enough to tell.

Yours love


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