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E-marketing Letter

Summary: E-mail marketing is a very effective marketing strategy. If you are offering this service, then it will help if you write a letter advertising your service as well. If you are writing a letter to offer your services then be guided by this sample letter below.

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I know that you are aware on the impact of using electronic mails on the improvement of the marketing strategy of various firms. I am sure that you have already experienced getting some emails that advertise certain products or services of certain companies and this is not a usual thing two years ago. However, this marketing strategy is truly proven very effective especially if the server will not consider your marketing email as a spam or an email that poses threat to the computer system of the customer. Thus, it is imperative that your marketing email be considered as a genuine e-mail and not be regarded as a junk one.

If you think electronic marketing sound interesting then feel free to contact our company and we will take care of making your products and services be known to your customers as part of your marketing campaign.

Sincerely Yours,


John Ingram.

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