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Boxing Day Messages

Boxing Day is celebrated in many European countries which date back as far as the Middle Ages, although its origin cannot be confirmed. It is associated to a customary tradition where ‘boxes’ were placed at churches to collect funds and presents for the needy after Christmas to bless the less fortunate.

Boxing Day is now a public holiday on 26 December or the following day if 26 December is a Sunday.

Other countries may call Boxing Day slightly differently, as in Australia, it is called Proclamation Day.

Because of its tradition, Boxing Day is well known for a time of shopping frenzy whether in Britain, Canada, New Zealand and some parts of Australia and Europe. Since it comes right after Christmas, shops tend to have great sales to clear their Christmas or year stock, as they prepare to close the year and prepare for the New Year. Prices are drastically reduced which encourage shoppers heavy purchasing.

A Boxing Day message could be an invitation by non-profitable organizations to the public or its members to consider the poor and needy by making relevant purchases during Boxing Day sales and donating their purchases.

It could be deemed as a good occasion for charitable organizations to solicit donations or funds during this season. A Boxing Day message letter should be courteous and appealing while stating the objective of the letter. Information about the donation drive or fundraising activities for the less fortunate can be stated in a Boxing Day message.

Below is a sample ‘Boxing Day’ message letter from a non-profitable organization to the public, appealing for donations and fundraising for the needy with the objective and relevant information.


Sample ‘Boxing Day’ message:


Rev. James Riley

Church of Christ

445 Rocky Hill Road
Cedar Rapids, IA 56644


December 26, 2011


Martha Hurley

120 Jacobs Avenue
Cedar Rapids, IA 56644


Dear Martha

Re: Boxing Day message

It is a pleasure to be writing to invite you to join the Church of Christ in the following noble deed.

As you know, Christmas was celebrated very joyously yesterday with lots of giving and receiving. Now that it is over (so quickly), please allow me to invite you to consider the poor and needy who may have been neglected during the festive season; but it is still not too late! You and I can compile the so many gifts and cash that we have been blessed with recently to offer them to the less fortunate and more needy. It would be what our Lord Jesus would have done!

So, I invite you to bring in your gifts and cash to the church anytime from today till the end of the year for our administration to sort out for giving away. We have identified many needy families with young children and individuals who could do with a kind blessing from our parishioners.

We, at the Church of Christ, would like to thank you in advance for participating in this noble Boxing Day task. We look forward to your kind donations.

For Jesus,

Rev. James Riley


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