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Christmas Eve Messages

A Christmas Eve message is an important message to be conveyed. Usually the relevant spiritual authority such as the church Bishop, Reverend or Senior Pastor will give a Christmas Eve message. A Christmas Eve message is usually conveyed to the audience or parishioners of a spiritual organization on a Christmas Eve service which is held in expectation of the following day of celebration, Christmas.

A Christmas Eve message serves to remind the parishioners of the true meaning of Christmas which would be celebrated the following day. It is also a time of reflection for parishioners to consider the work of Jesus Christ on the cross for self and mankind.

A Christmas Eve message is very meaningful and impactful as it is directed to the soul, heart and spirit more than the mind and body. It serves to draw the parishioners to stay close to their Maker and God by acknowledging His great love for self and mankind. It is a message of love, forgiveness and repentance of sin with eternity in mind.

Below is a sample ‘Christmas Eve’ message letter from the top spiritual authority to its congregation in a Christmas Eve service.


Sample ‘Christmas Eve’ message:


Reverend Eli C. Mordecai

Church of Jesus’ Love

3427 Lawman Avenue
Arlington, VA 22201


December 24, 2010


Dearly Beloved in our Lord Jesus Christ

Re: Christmas Eve message

I bring you greetings from our Lord Jesus Christ of whom we worship and honor in our lives and at this place.

I am so honored to have this opportunity to address you, as my brothers and sisters in Christ, some of whom are even co-workers in Jesus Christ with me. Christmas Eve is indeed a blessed time for all those who love Jesus and who acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior.

Christmas Eve is the night before Jesus was born over 2,000 years ago. The shepherds at that time went about their way of life without any expectation of that great and mighty love coming down from heaven as man.

I am always in awe when I think of how great God’s love is for me, and you, and all mankind, to come in the form of a man; a little babe to be exact on that fateful Christmas night. Yes, He was God; yet He chose to come in the form of man for all of us to identify with Him as He with us. How amazing is God’s love for you and me, my dear brothers and sisters, that God should send His only begotten Son, Jesus into the world, in flesh, to die on the cross for our sins, as John chapter 3 verse 16 proclaims; so that we can be forgiven and accepted as His precious children and look forward to our rightful place in heaven one day, soon.

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas tomorrow, let us be found waiting tonight for our Lord Jesus too. Let us be willing and ready to give Him our very best as His forgiven and beloved children. Have a Blessed Christmas with the love and joy of Jesus in your hearts and souls.

God bless you richly,

Reverend Eli C. Mordecai

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