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Congratulations Messages

Congratulations messages are given on special occasions where one wishes to convey their heartiest regards and good wishes to another for a success or accomplishment.

There are many occasions to convey congratulations messages, as in a promotion, award or public acknowledgement of a feat at the workplace or business environment. These congratulations messages are usually written formally as they are in the business environment. Professionalism and ethics must be displayed as good wishes are conveyed in the business environment to establish and strengthen good business collaborations.

Congratulations messages can also be conveyed on a more informal basis where close friends and family members are concerned, such as the celebration of a birthday, arrival of a newborn, personal achievement, graduation, success in getting the first job or a better job, passing of exam, getting engaged or married. There are numerous occasions for congratulations messages to be given and these are good opportunities for relationships to be established, built or rekindled. It should be exercised as often as the occasion permits to sow seeds of good relations.

A congratulations message can also contain compliments and words of encouragement. Congratulations messages amongst close friends and families can be light and expressive, sharing the joy with the recipient on the success and achievement.

Below is a sample ‘Congratulations’ message letter sent by a parent to his son on his successful graduation from college.


Sample ‘Congratulations’ message:



Keith J. Green

21 Moore Avenue
Keller, TX 76248


February 10, 2011



John M. Green

1109 Tipple Road
Philadelphia, PA 19121


Dear Son

Re: Congratulations!

I am SO proud of you. Finally, this day has come and I cannot stop the tears flowing from my eyes. I am very happy to be able to share this day with you as you are ready to step into the workforce upon your graduation.

Congratulations on your great performance in your studies! Being at the 98 percentile is quite an achievement in a law program. I know that it has been tough on you to be away from your family these 7 years of studies. But you have done well, my son; I am truly proud of you.

Thank you for informing me of your great achievements in your studies. You deserve the success and recognition from your professors, peers and family. We are all very proud of you.

Your consistent hard work paid off. You will be thrown with many challenges soon, as you enter another phase of your life; but I believe that you will excel in all. You have a great personality and a sharp mind. I am sure you will use these to your best advantage.


Well done, my son! Not only have you graduated well from college, you have secured a lucrative post with one of the most prestigious law firm in Philadelphia. This is indeed a double congratulation! You have excelled beyond my expectations.


Take good care of yourself and keep climbing the ladder of success! The sky’s the limit. We are here to support you each step of the way.


With all my love,



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