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Engagement Messages

Engagement messages are good news as they announce the getting together of two souls in love, committing to move forward to a higher level in their relationship.

An engagement message is usually written by the engaged couple to their family, friends, colleagues and even their business associates to inform all of their decision to be engaged and later, marriage.

An engagement message can be formal or informal, depending on the recipient. It is written informally if it is addressed to close relations like family and friends; formal if it addresses business related audience. It could be an invitation letter to an engagement celebration or it could be a simple announcement informing the engagement of the couple to the recipient.

An engagement message spells the start of a couple’s decision to be taken seriously as a couple wanting to be together.

Below is a sample ‘Engagement’ message letter from an engaged couple who writes to inform their parents of their engagement.


Sample ‘Engagement’ message:



Christopher & Hannah

9930 Sherwood Street
Kernersville, NC 27284


February 15, 2011



Matthew & Beatrice Black

883 Orange Drive
Wichita Falls, TX 76301


Dearest Mom & Dad

Re: We’re engaged!

We are so excited to tell you the good news! We are engaged! Christopher proposed on Valentine’s Day (and I am still shocked with his proposal).

It was such a romantic dinner at the beach in a 5-star hotel (La Rumba). I just thought that it would be a normal lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day celebration with dinner and flowers, but the arrangement was so elaborate and romantic.

There were musicians who played our favorite songs while we danced the night away. The food was exquisite as it was fine dining; but against the setting sun and cool sea breeze, it was really breathtaking.

As we were watching the sunset, Christopher proposed! His exact words were, “Hannah darling, my life is like the sunset. If it sets one day, I would love it to be with you! You are my sunshine. Will you marry me?” Then on his knees, he gave me the beautiful pearl and diamond ring. You have to see it; Christopher has it specially designed for me as he knew these are my favorite gems. How sweet of him!

So, mom and dad, I accepted! Christopher and I are engaged! And what other more beautiful day than Valentine’s Day! Ah, it was truly romantic! Wish we have videotaped it for keepsakes but it will remain in my heart always.


We are thinking of a June wedding this year. Spring is a lovely time for a wedding, don’t you think so? We have yet to confirm any date. We welcome your suggestions and ideas for our upcoming wedding. Since the wedding is so near, Christopher and I have decided not to have any engagement party but just a family get-together later this month.

We can discuss our wedding plans further then. We look forward to meet up with you all then.


With our love,

Christopher & Hannah


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