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Farewell Messages

Farewells are usually difficult between parties who are parting ways. As it is usually difficult to bid farewell to another party, one might choose to write a farewell message instead of a face-to-face farewell.

A farewell message informs the recipient of the sender’s decision to move on in life from the current position. The farewell message can be quite informal as it usually addresses recipients who are close to the sender. Reasons for the farewell may be stated in a farewell message; reminisces of the good times the parties have shared and enjoyed can also be included to form good memories when they become apart.

Advices may be penned in a farewell message as well as good wishes and hope to the recipient, as the parties may not be able to gauge their next meet up after their farewell.

Farewell messages can be sent in a letter or it could be read out at a farewell party in honor of the one leaving. If the latter, it could prove to be an emotional event as usually good words or praises would be heaped on the party who is leaving. Good wishes are also directed to the leaving party by all those attending the event.

Farewells can happen when people resign from their jobs, relocate or migrant. There are many other reasons for a farewell to arise; sometimes, it could be a simple sending off for further studies, after a holiday with your friends, or even from a dying individual.


Below is a sample ‘farewell’ message letter from a person who is terminally ill who writes his farewell message to his loved ones.


Sample ‘Farewell’ message:



Jim Conner

4483 Sherwood Crescent
Kernersville, NC 22234


February 20, 2011



All my beloved family & friends


Dear All

Re: Farewell!

It is with a heavy heart that I write this last letter to you. I have been diagnosed with Stage 4 of lung cancer last week. It is terminal; the doctors are giving me a month or so of life. I have to put my house in order before I leave this world.

There is so much more that I wish to do and say but time will not permit me. Sigh! But that is life. It must be lived to the full with no regrets. No one knows when it is your time to go. At least, I have been given a timeframe albeit short.

I am only thinking of now; I have so little time to spend with my family and friends. I wish I had done that in my earlier years but the clock cannot be turned back unless a miracle drug is discovered tomorrow.

I wish to apologize to all my loved ones and good friends who were there for me at every difficult situation I went through. I took my frustration at work out on you unwisely but yet, you were patient with me. I wish to let you all know how regretful I am; yet my love for you, especially my dear family, has never diminished.

Take good care of yourselves once I am gone! I shall be your guardian angel; that’s the least I can do in return for your kindness to me.

With all my love,



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