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Get Well Soon Messages

Get Well Soon messages are meant to wish those who are ill, a quick recovery to good health. It could be a sudden ill health striking an individual or a period of quarantine imposed due to some contagious but temporary disease. A Get Well Soon message would encourage the sick individual not to be disheartened and to look forward to recovery.

Get Well Soon messages are written with kind and sympathetic words so that the recipient will feel better upon hearing or reading the message. It can be in a form of a Get Well Card or note that is sent to the sick or unwell. These are good messages to get when one is not feeling well, as it indicates that there are people out there who are thinking or care about them.

Being sick can be quite depressing; not able to receive visitors during the time of sickness can lower the self-esteem of the unwell. Get Well Soon messages can contain cheerful tales or prayers that will bring cheer and hope to those under the weather, as circumstances may prevent the recipient from accepting visitors and cut off human interaction.


Below is a sample ‘Get Well Soon’ message from a school friend to another who is down with chicken pox.


Sample ‘Get Well Soon’ message:



Alysha J. Heard

289 Webber Street
Eagan, MN 55091


February 10, 2011



Penny J. Clifford

1781 Francis Mine
Redding, CA 96001


Hi Penny!

Re: Get Well Soon

How are you feeling today? So sorry to hear that you are not feeling well; having chicken pox is no fun, so others say. I have not had it before so I wouldn’t quite know. My mom says I can’t visit you because it is contagious and I hadn’t had it as yet. Your mom says you are still weak; hence, this Get Well Soon note.

It takes about 2 weeks to clear, isn’t it? Look at it this way; you are lucky to be missing the choir practices for the school anniversary. Mrs. Pickler ‘forced’ every student who is not involved in some presentation to be in the choir.

And there are the alternate day gym periods we both hate, which you are skipping out, leaving me to suffer alone! So, take heart, girl; every cloud has a silver lining! You are having a great time at home; doing all those stuff you like instead of slogging at school… well, at least for 2 weeks!

I miss you so, Penny. Rest well and I’ll see you soon. Oh yeah, I heard someone talking about scratching the poxes… don’t! If they burst, you will get permanent scars. And we can’t afford cosmetic surgery as yet, girl! There’s still the debutante ball at the end of the year. But I’m sure you’ll recover soon enough before then.

When you are feeling up to it, call me for a chat. I don’t think the virus will travel through phone lines, yeah?



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