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Goodnight Messages

Goodnight messages are conveyed to those who are turning in for the night. A goodnight message may be written or said to those who are afraid of the ‘things that go bump in the night’, especially young children who need some reassurance that all is well when they sleep. Children are fearful of sleep time as they envisage ‘monsters’ under their beds or in their closets, ready to pounce on them when the light is off and when they are alone in their room. Parents usually give a goodnight message to assure them that all is well when they sleep. A goodnight message may then include prayers that incorporate angels being set around to guard the ‘monsters’ away or a ritual poem that shoos away bad dreams.

Goodnight messages can also be conveyed between lovers who are separate in the nights but yet want a ‘last note’ with one another at the end of the day. The goodnight message may contain a lot of ‘lovey-dovey’ mushy stuff that only lovers will write to each other, even though they may be meeting up soon.

Goodnight messages may be given by those who were conversing at night, and before departing, convey a goodnight message which may be short and simple. Goodnight messages can be short and sweet between family members who wish one another goodnight before adjourning to their own bedrooms, or these messages can be long and sweet to bless the recipient as he/she lies down for the night. Good words that are heard before falling off to sleep are sweet to the soul, which are meant to provide a restful sleep.


Below is a sample ‘Goodnight’ message letter from a lover wishing goodnight to another who is far away.


Sample ‘Goodnight’ message:



Leonard R. Humphrey

481 Berkley Street
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

February 18, 2011


Maria C. Lew

2181 Smith Street
Worcester, MA 01609


Dearest Maria

RE:  Sweet dreams of me

Being away from you for so long is difficult. But at least we had the weekend together. I have just reached campus and it is past midnight. But I want to write to you and wish you GOODNIGHT before I turn in for the night.

Do dream of me as I would of you. Though the coming weeks will be hectic with assignments, I look forward to the nights where I shall be in dreamland with you. It is so lonely and cold at nights without you; I miss you terribly.

But, whenever I can’t sleep, I’ll think of you. You are my best remedy for insomnia. There is no care in the world in dreamland with you. We are always happy and carefree together. We have good times together in dreamland. Sometimes I do not wish to get up in the mornings because that’s where you fade into the sunrise. I never seem to be able to get you to stay.

But I look forward to the day when I shall be with you day and night. Wait for me, dearest Maria! The day is good because the night shall come.

Until we meet again, my dear Maria. Goodnight! Have sweet dreams of me.

Your Lenny


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