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Holiday Messages

Everyone loves a holiday, especially the young and the restless. There are so many things that one would love to do, and all the more on a holiday. Some would love to shop while others would love to travel. Still others may wish to spend the time catching up with loved ones and friends which have been neglected during the course of a busy work schedule.

Holiday messages are good to convey to another who have not been in contact for some time. A holiday is a good opportunity for the sender to touch base with another with a simple message. Words can be light and free expressions can be made in a holiday message to re-establish the ties or bonds that may have been loosed or lost.

The contents of a holiday message can be very wide; anything under the sun goes. It could be an update of self or it could be related to the holiday. It could also come from an authority wishing the community blessings for the upcoming holiday in that place. This can happen on Independence Day, for example, which is a holiday and the President may convey a holiday message of hope and unity to its citizens in a nation broadcast. Such holiday messages can be delivered by businesses as they celebrate a special day, as in Labor Day or Anniversary of the company.


Below is a sample ‘Holiday’ message letter from the management of a company to its employees in conjunction to Labor Day.


Sample ‘Holiday’ message.




Far East Publishing Group

3685 Raccoon Run
Redmond, WA 98052


April 28, 2010


All Employees of Far East Publishing Group


Re: Holiday Message

The Management has reviewed the requests of many employees to extend the Labor Day holiday which falls on May 1, 2010, (Thursday) to Friday so that a long weekend may be enjoyed by all.

The Management is pleased to inform its employees that Friday, May 2, 2010 is declared a holiday by the Far East Publishing Group, in view of the good performance of the group thus far. The first half of the year target has been reached and the Management feels that its employees deserve a good rest for their fine performance thus far, before we focus on achieving the second half of the year target.

The Management hopes that all employees will be refreshed for a better work performance to achieve the second half year target upon return from the long weekend. This extra day of rest will not be recorded in the employees’ leave entitlement as it is a bonus leave to all by the Management.

Far East Publishing Group Management wishes all its employees and family a refreshing Labor’s Day for the coming long weekend, and we look forward to your full cooperation in achieving the company’s yearly target for everyone’s benefit.

The Management

Far East Publishing Group


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