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Invitation Messages

There are many types of invitation that one can extend to another. There are birthday party invitations, wedding invitations, anniversary invitations, baby showers, bachelor parties, engagement parties and graduation invitations. These invitations are meant to invite others to join in the festive celebration of an occasion. Many are very personal and are usually extended to family and close friends.

In the corporate world, there are also many types of invitations; many are obligatory where one must attend or grace the occasion as a respect to the host as well as to establish the business relations. Invitations could be in the form of a business meeting, tender calls, conferences or social functions of the organization.

Every invitation would have an invitation message. The invitation message is usually light and sincere for casual invitations to family and close friends. The invitation message is more formal when it is corporate related or to acquaintances. The invitation message usually states the objective of the invitation clearly and politely with the necessary details like date, time, venue, dress code and occasion.

If the event is a personal and meaningful one, the invitation message is usually personally written by the host for a personal touch to the recipient. More personal invitation may be included in the invitation message to coax the recipient to accept the invitation.

Below is a sample ‘Invitation’ message letter from an individual to another requesting the recipient’s presence to an invited function.


Sample ‘Invitation’ message



Michael A. Faust


Texas Businessmen Fellowship

820 Pickens Way
Fort Worth, TX 76104


February 22, 2011


Floyd D. Williams

2810 Twin Willow Lane
Fort Worth, TX 73454


Dear Sir

Re: Invitation to Group Meeting

It was my pleasure to be introduced to you by Mr. Elliot Carson last Tuesday. I am delighted to make your acquaintance. Mr. Carson has highly recommended you as an esteemed businessman with integrity and good reputation.

Hence, it would be my pleasure to extend an invitation to you to join our Texas Businessmen Fellowship every last Saturday of the month from 6pm to 9pm at Texas Holiday Inn. This fellowship was set up by Texan businessmen who are sincere in assisting one another in honest business dealings and to look out for one another as a brother for another.

Attendance and membership are by invitation only. We share about the business trends and strategies as well as pitfalls to avoid so that it would make our members sharper in our business acumen. Every member is free to share his business knowledge, skills and tips. We want all members to succeed as a businessman.

As you are highly recommended by Mr. Carson, one of our founders, we shall be pleased to have you join us this month. Dress code: Smart casual. There would be a dinner at the fellowship so that members can be in a relaxed environment to mingle with one another.

We look forward to your confirmation to this invitation so that the necessary preparations can be done.

Respectfully yours,

Michael A. Faust


Texas Businessmen Fellowship


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