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Love Messages

The world needs love; more today than ever before. With the uncertain economy and the political unrest looming in many nations, only love will settle many world issues. Hence, love messages are essential to the well being of not just the individual but also the world.

There are many kinds of love messages: brotherly and sisterly love where siblings write to express their love and appreciation for one another, parental love where parents express their love and support to their children, or lovers who express their deep feelings of love for one another.

Though love messages can and should be encouraged to be written or conveyed anytime, any day, most people prefer to find a special occasion to express their love message. The special day makes the love message even more meaningful, such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

The contents of a love message can be very flowery or expressive, depending on the sender and the relationship between the two parties. It can be poetic or metaphoric if the writer is artistic in his usage of words to express his feelings of love to the other party. Sometimes, a simply worded love message is also very powerful.

Any content that is written in love can be construed as a love message, for a love message is always meant to raise sweet emotions.

Below is a sample ‘love’ message letter from one party to another expressing his love to the recipient.


Sample ‘Love’ message



Randy E. Shelton

2290 Maple Drive
Tiptonville, TN 38259


February 22, 2011


Gail E. Hammond

3508 Agriculture Lane
Miami, FL 33176


Dearest Gail

How are you at your new home? I hope that you and your family have settled down in Miami, even though it has only been 2 weeks. I heard that Miami is a vibrant city. You must be thoroughly thrilled with such an exciting place.

I do miss you. I wish I had the guts to tell you how I feel about you before you moved away; but it never dawned on me how much I love you until you were gone! I do hope it is not too late to tell you, “I love you, Gail”.

We grew up together in the same neighborhood and went to the same school that I was blinded from the love of my life! Now, on hindsight, I realized that there were a couple of occasions when you dropped ‘hints’ of your feelings to me but I was so dense. I didn’t get it then. I am so sorry, Gail. Is it too late for us?

If you say ‘Yes, Randy, I am waiting’, I shall take the next bus down to Miami. I have wasted too much time; too many years but I have enjoyed them with you. Thank you for being at my side and believing in me, Gail. When I talked to you about other girls I wanted to hit on, you were so nice to encourage me. It must have hurt you a lot. Let me make it up to you, please. I really miss you, Gail.

Waiting for your response,



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