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New Baby Messages

A new arrival to the family is always a joy; no matter if it is the first born or further down the line. A baby represents new life and hope to the family. New baby messages are written by well wishers to the family, offering congratulations on the family’s latest addition.

New baby messages can be written by relatives, close friends and even business associates like colleagues or business partners. The contents are usually light and joyous as befits the occasion. Good words are freely expressed to share in the joy that a new baby always brings.

New baby messages are especially meaningful to first time parents. New parents are often anxious about their new and added role of parenthood which is made more prominent with the arrival of their first child. New baby messages to new parents can be very encouraging as there may be words of assurance and advice to the new parents while good wishes ply plentifully.

New baby messages can come in a card or letter; alternatively, a new baby message can also be conveyed at baby showers.

Below is a sample ‘New Baby’ message letter from an individual to a set of new parents who had just received their first bundle of joy.


Sample ‘New Baby’ message



Betty Tyson

9826 Copper Street
Manchester, CT 19008


February 21, 2011


Julie Carson

199 Town Hall Road
Marysville, WA 93270


Dearest Julie

Re: Your new baby is here!

Congratulations! I heard that your newborn has finally decided to check out the world we live in; and on Valentine’s Day too! How about that! I can’t wait to see your little bundle of joy. I heard that you received a sweet and adorable baby girl. I am sure she will be as sweet as her mommy, and perhaps like her eccentric aunt, yours truly.

I know that it may a time of joy and anxiety for both you and Mike; new parents tend to be all jittery about their new and added role. Well, just remember, it comes with the package! There will be more bundles of joy to bless your family, so might as well start learning with the first one.

With my personal brood of 5, I believe I am quite qualified to share some thoughts with you. Just remember that your new baby is a joy and blessing to you and Mike; yes, she may cry incessantly at times but that’s good for her lungs! Play and speak with her often; she will delight you with her smile and simple response to your voice. Take plenty of pictures to see her progress; you may not have the time or passion with later ones, which is a shame though.

Call me if you need any help anytime. But take good care of yourself as you would need the strength to care for your new baby. It’s not all about your new arrival; you are important too! Many tend to forget that; but from one mom to another, you are the greatest! You did a great job in delivery!

See you and baby soon (and of course, Mike!).




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