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Patriotic Messages

Patriotism is a display of loyalty or partisanship by an individual or a group of people who pledge their allegiance to the nation, organization or even possibly an individual.

Patriotism, though, is usually directly to a country; however, it can be directed to a charismatic individual who is held high on a pedestal as the leader of a group of followers. It could also be a show of deep devotion to an organization.

Patriotic messages can come in many forms. It could be slogans chanted by the loyalists or songs specially composed to suit the occasion such as the leader’s great achievements, birthday or ruling anniversaries. On a national basis, patriotic messages usually come from the King, President or Prime Minister, the highest ruling authority of the nation, at the nation’s Independence Day, where the King, President or Prime Minister gives a speech to encourage the citizens. The speech is usually broadcast over the nation in various media like television, newspapers and Internet.

Patriotic messages which are delivered by the nation’s highest authority, an organization’s top authority, or any individual who is recognized as the group’s leader, usually consists of elements of loyalty to the cause of the group. Citizens or members are called to reflect on their past and present to propel into the future with greater hopes and achievements that would only be possible through the group’s objectives being focused and achieved.

Patriotic messages can also be conveyed by the subordinates to the authority as a pledge of allegiance to the organization.

Below is a sample ‘Patriotic’ message letter from the management of an organization to its staff as they prepare to celebrate the anniversary of the organization.


Sample ‘Patriotic’ message



John E. Butler


Universal Global Enterprise

765 Lakeland Terrace
Southfield, MI 48235


February 22, 2011


All Staff of Universal Global Enterprise


President’s Address

It is my delight to address each of you today, in conjunction of Universal Global Enterprise’s 25th Anniversary.

It is my pleasure, as President of this prestigious organization to share one main thought with you. Having been at the helm of this organization for the past 15 years, I have had the privilege to monitor the progress of the organization.

The company’s humble beginnings took form when the founders had the foresight of venturing into Internet marketing. Through their strong determination to succeed, they focused on their objective single-heartedly. They gave their best and worked hard, regardless of the waggling tongues against them.

Hence, may I encourage each one of us, fellow colleagues of Universal Global that no matter what rank we are in, that we emulate that same spirit of our founding fathers, for the continual progress and success of this organization which gives us our bread and butter?

Your full cooperation and focus to give your best has contributed to making Universal Global the best in its niche. We can look forward to better days if we stay true to ourselves at Universal Global. Hence, let me end my message here with a big ‘thank you’ to each of you for your loyalty.

Let us reap what we sow…and let that be only our best for Universal Global.

John E. Butler


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