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Romantic Messages

Those in love can be at two extremes: on the one hand, they have nothing to say to each other, for they are too busy gazing into each other’s eyes, or on the other hand, may have plenty to say to each other.

Romantic messages are written to one party in love from the other. The contents can be simple and open, expressing one’s heart to the other. A well written romantic message may be very flowery or metaphoric in describing the wonders of the lover or their lives. It can be poetic and expressive that spikes up the romance in the relationship.

A romantic message can be written by either party of the love relationship. It need not be limited to young romantics only; married couples who love each other for a long time with a strong love relationship can also write each other a romantic message.

There are many occasions to write a romantic message: a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, monthly or annual anniversaries for those who are not married but in a love or romantic relationship.

Below is a sample ‘Romantic’ message letter between a married couple celebrating their 25th Anniversary.


Sample ‘Romantic’ message



Ronald E. Smith

4944 Sundown Lane
Austin, TX 78701


February 14, 2011



Beatrice L. Smith

Lovely Wife of 25 years


Darling B,


Re: Romance in the air

February 14th is such an eventful day for us!

1)    It is YOUR birthday!

2)    We met on this day 27 years ago! Le Love Café in Paris? I am so glad you went for an afternoon tea with your girlfriends and I had the pleasure of ‘bumping’ into you.

3)    I proposed to you on Valentine’s Day 26years ago; you said ‘YES!’ That was the happiest moment of my life! I couldn’t believe my ears to hear you say ‘Yes!’ I am so lucky.

4)    We got married on February 14th 25 years ago; thank God your pastor was not free any other day that month but on Valentine’s Day.

5)    Graham and Grace, our twins, were born on February 14th.


Truly, B, I feel so blessed! Not just because of the special date, February 14th, but because I have YOU in my life. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

My life has been complete and fulfilling since you came in with your sunshine and love. If these first 25 years together are a reflection of what is forthcoming, I am ready and looking forward to the next 50! I want nothing less than to share my life with you. With the children big and away from home now, how about going on  that exciting round-the-world discovery trip which we started planning after we got married? The kids came and we had to put that trip on hold, remember?

Yes, darling B, let’s us reeve up our romance once again since it’s only the two of us now. How I look forward to that trip!

Happy Birthday! Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Anniversary!

With all my love, B!



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