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Sorry Messages

It is one of those words that are hard to say – sorry. Even the song by Elton John says it all – ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’; but many a times, it is the most important word to say between two people in any relationship.

Without it, misunderstandings can be rife; holding it back can cause a relationship to extinguish. In contrast, letting it out in sincerity can break the hardest of hearts to heal a relationship.

Sorry messages can be written by all types of people; lovers, friends, family, colleagues, authorities. When one party acknowledges his error, he can apologize in many ways. It can be written in a direct and simple manner in a personal letter; he can express his apologies personally in person to the hurting party; he can broadcast it in full sincerity to win the other party over as in some printed matter like a newspaper print apology or a billboard apology.

There can be sorry messages which are not limited to individuals in a personal relationship. Sorry messages can also come from organizations to organizations in situations such as the infringement of copyrights where a public sorry message is required instead of legal action against the company at fault.

This kind of public ‘sorry’ message usually requires a full page of apology by the company in error to the one that is wronged. Infringement of copyright is a serious misdemeanor in many countries but sometimes, an out-of-court settlement can be reached amiably depending on the circumstances of the case.


Below is a sample ‘Sorry’ message letter that is printed in the newspaper by one organization which has infringed the copyright of another organization.


Sample ‘Sorry’ message







Thinker Tank Industry

9298 Rowland Lane
Paducah, KY 42003



McLaughlin Designs Enterprise

2723 Alpaca Way
Irvine, CA 92614



This day, February 21, 2011, Thinker Tank Industry publishes this announcement to convey a SORRY message to

McLaughlin Designs Enterprise


of whom Thinker Tank Industry has wrongfully manipulated the design properties of McLaughlin Designs Enterprise through some unwholesome manner to gain an unfair advantage in a bid tender; thus, infringing the copyright of designs by McLaughlin Designs Enterprise.

Thinker Tank Industry is extremely regretful of its past action and with this public announcement, apologizes to

McLaughlin Designs Enterprise

for any hurt, inconvenience, loss of reputation and tarred image caused by Thinker Tank Industry’s unprofessionalism in this issue.


Thinker Tank Industry extends its deepest and sincere thanks to McLaughlin Designs Enterprise

for its kind hospitality in allowing an out-of-court settlement on this issue.


It is with much regret that Thinker Tank Industry has succumbed to an unrighteous manner in its business dealings; Thinker Tank Industry wishes to say ‘Sorry’ to the public and all its business associates for the loss of trust and embarrassment caused by this issue.


Thinker Tank Industry promises that there shall be no repeat of such scrupulous dealings in its future business undertakings, nor compromise the good faith of its clientele and business competitors or partners.


Thank You for your kind understanding and forgiveness.


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