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Sympathy Messages

Everyone goes through a difficult time some time in their lives, especially a hurting phase or a time of grief. Deaths are a great loss to any party who is close to the deceased. Usually time is a great healer on grief but sympathy messages also bring encouragement and healing as the contents ease the pain and sorrow.

A sympathy message is intended to share the sorrow of the grieving party. It is written to express support to the one who is grieving so that the latter does not feel alone or abandoned through the death of a loved one.

A sympathy message should be sensitively written so that the grieving party is encouraged and not be further grieved. ‘A broken spirit dries up the bones’ but good words are like good medicine to the hurting or grieving heart.

Anyone can write a sympathy message; close family members or friends who know the grieving party may be more open and expressive to ease the hurt felt by the grieving party while business associates or acquaintances may just extend their condolences politely.

Below is a sample ‘Sympathy’ message letter from a close friend to a grieving friend.


Sample ‘Sympathy’ message



Kelly Delores

423 Duff Avenue
Wilmington, VT 05363

February 25, 2011


Nicholas B. Thomas

3289 Rainy Day Drive
Milton, MA 02186


Dear Nicky

Re: My Deepest Condolence

I am so sorry to hear about Constance’s sudden death. The last I heard of her sickness was that she was down with pneumonia. I had called her up a few weeks ago where she mentioned being under the weather, having caught a chill in the rain recently.

I am sure you are in shock right now, for I cannot believe my ears. I will miss her dearly. But for the children’s sake, dear Nick, we have to be strong. Jan and Bobby will miss their mommy as they are still young. I know it is hard for you right now. If you are agreeable, I can come down for a couple of weeks to help out at your home and with your children. It would be good to have a motherly figure around them for a while to ease their pain and emptiness. They are familiar with me enough for me to watch over them until we can get over Constance’s demise together.

Things do not happen as we would like all the time; so we would need to make the best of the situation. But, take time to grieve for it is a great loss to you. Nevertheless, take heart, Nicky that Constance is at a better place. She loves Jesus and she would not want you and the kids to be too sorrowful. Be strong for your children. We shall see Constance again in heaven one day.

If there is anything that I can help you with, please do not hesitate to let me know. Let the children know of my coming soon.

With my love & sympathy,



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