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Valentine Messages

Those who are in love usually celebrate Valentine’s Day, named after Saint Valentine. It is a day for lovers to express their love to each other through gifts and words of affection which could be in the form of poems or messages; hence, Valentine messages.

Valentine messages can be simple or metaphoric, depending on the literary skills of the author and the preferences of the recipient. But when a Valentine message is written with a sincere heart, the recipient receives its love readily; a love relationship can be strengthened with a well worded Valentine message.

Ladies are usually taken in with a Valentine message because it can be quite romantic. Good things are usually said of the recipient, who would usually be the fairer sex, although it is possible for a lady to write a Valentine message to her guy.

Valentine messages can be very impactful as many have seized the special occasion to propose on Valentine’s Day with a lovely Valentine message of love and sharing of life till eternity. A Valentine message can be written lightly to convey joy or in a more serious tone for a touch of romance, that tugs the heart strings.


Below is a sample ‘Valentine’ message letter between a couple in love celebrating Valentine’s Day.


Sample ‘Valentine’ message



Christopher H. Gonzalez

2708 Marion Drive
Tampa, FL 33602

February 14, 2011



Susan L. Carnell

808 Riley Way
Oklahoma City, OK 73102


My Darling Susan, my Valentine!


“Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

Sugar is sweet,

But not as sweet as YOU”


There is no one sweeter than you in my life! You are the love of my life.  This is such a special day for both you and me.

Darling, I feel so blessed to have you in my life. It is not enough to tell you how much I love you on Valentine’s Day; I want to tell you everyday of my life.

You are so amazing! Your smile can make the darkest night turn to day. You take my breath away, Susan darling. You are my sunshine. How can I live without you? When I am away from you, I miss you so much; I feel so empty, as if some part of me is missing. It’s like I have forgotten to bring something out on me. Then when I meet up with you, I seem to be in the perfect world. Everything is right and feels good. You must be my lucky star.

Let me tell you how much I love you, darling Susan, for there’s no better day to say so than on this special Valentine’s Day. You complete me. You love me like no other. Before you came into my life, no one seems to understand or accept me. You changed it all; I have plenty more friends who want to hang out with me now, but I only want to hang out with you.

So, let’s do that tonight. I shall be waiting for you at ‘Our place’ at 8pm.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With all my love,



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