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Wedding Messages

A wedding is always a happy occasion, especially to the couple getting married. It is a lovely time to feel the love and joy in the air when a wedding comes around. It is a time to establish a love relationship and further its commitment to another level – marriage.

A wedding is also a solemn occasion where a couple decides to tie the knot – to each other. There are pledges made to one another that must be kept and fulfilled by both parties. Hence, a wedding message is conveyed to the committed couple on the new phase of their lives as they join their hands, hearts and lives in holy matrimony. The matrimony official or church authority is usually the one to convey the wedding message to the couple getting married.

A wedding message contains words of joy reflecting the finding of one true love to the other to complete the whole. A wedding message can also contain words of advice to the wedded couple as they embark on a new phase of their lives together, respectively cutting off the apron strings of their parents.

A wedding message can be conveyed in a card, poem or letter by well wishers of the wedded couple, like family, friends and associates. It would be a message of congratulations, well wishes and joy.


Below is a sample ‘Wedding’ message letter from a wedding official to the wedded couple in wedding ceremony.


Sample ‘Wedding’ message



Rev. Waldo M. Lawrence

Christ Church of the Holy Cross

909 Luke Lane
Oklahoma City, OK 73102


February 12, 2011


A Wedding Message


Dearly Beloved


Welcome to the holy matrimony between Dave Callahan and Ellen Simmers. We are gathered here today to witness their decision to be joined in marriage according to the matrimonial laws of the land.


It is the strange but good plan of the Lord to bring these two beautiful lives together; one was working in the Emirates while the other at her own cozy corner, a place she calls ‘home’.

The mailmen must be thankful to be kept working with Dave’s and Ellen’s constant mail communications. They find that it more stimulating than the Internet as they eagerly wait for a response from each other; this waiting builds up their feelings and excitement for one another, raising the anticipation and joy that only both of them experience.

Today, they shall be able to talk with one another face to face, but let me encourage you, Dave and Ellen, do not give up writing love notes to one another. They will keep the romance and passion alive in your marriage. We can take each other for granted very easily on a daily basis; as the saying goes, ‘familiarity breeds contempt.’ Let it not be so with you.

Keep writing words of love into each other’s life. Remember your courtship moments. Treat your marriage life as if you are still courting one another. Your love will grow stronger as the days go by.

Congratulations, Dave & Ellen. You are now no longer two but one. By the powers vested in me, I pronounce you, Dave & Ellen, as husband and wife.

God bless you both in your marriage.



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