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Children Christmas Letter

Christmas is a special occasion for children as they receive many gifts from Santa. They write their wishes on a piece of paper and wrap it in a red cloth so that Santa will not find any difficulty in recognizing the right paper. The children write all their achievements since last Christmas so that they may clear show their deservingness for the gift. A children Christmas letter is then a thank you letter from children.

Here is a sample children Christmas letter:

Dear Uncle John,

I am very thankful to you for the beautiful gift that you bought me this Christmas. I love the Play station and promise you to take good care of it. I have read all the instructions and manual guide and now can easily handle it. I will teach Tanya too and then we both will play together. But do not worry as I first complete all my school assignments and also clean my room as per mom’s instructions. Dad has promised me that he will bring me some more games if I will score good grades in my coming exams.

This Christmas I have bought some gifts for all of you with my pocket money. I have sent Christmas card and some gifts for Aunt Martha, cousin Dolly and for you, I hope you will like the presents too. It would be great if you join us this Christmas. I would love to share my present with my cousin too.

Your nephew,


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