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Christmas Greetings Letter

Christmas is a festival of great bonhomie and is celebrated throughout the world. Christmas greetings letter is a special way of touching the heart of friends and families and the aim behind writing it is to reach out to them on this special occasion. The letter is a way to wish them all the best and good luck for rest of year.

Here is a sample Christmas greetings letter:


Simon Orlando,

H.No. 67,

Great lake,

New Jersey


Ronald Trump,

Apple Apartments,

Flat #106,

Park Street,

New York

11th December, 2009

Dear Ronald,

Kindly accept my heartfelt greetings on Christmas. May all your wishes come true this Christmas. I have received your invitation to join you and your family members on Christmas Eve, but due to my declining health, I will not be able to do so.

However, I am sending the bunch of my wishes in the form of some Christmas gifts for all of you. I hope you will like them and will enjoy the festival of goodwill with our wishes. I pray to God to give prosperity, joyous, health and wealth to you and all your family members. If my health improves, I shall surely visit you in the New Year and we all will welcome the seasons of happiness together.

Give my love to Paul and Tina and marry Christmas to you all.

With regards,


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