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Disagree Letter With the Subordinate or the Superior

Dear name,

This is to inform you that I disagree with your decision to terminate ____________ because of his poor performance. He has been in my team member from past 6 months and if you can see his performance record you can see that he performed average in the first 4 months. Only from last two months his performance dipped because of the sudden death of his brother. He was much close to his brother and was in a state of shock from quite some time.

He is a very hardworking guy and I feel that we should give him some more time; it’s just that he is always disturbed and not able to come out of the situation. I assure you that he will be performing the same way as soon as possible. He is the only earning member of the family and at this point if we terminate him it will affect his family. I request you to please hold your decision and allow, me to meet you so that I can come and discuss about him in person.


Your name.


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