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Farewell Letter to a Friend

Farewell letter to a friend in the office thanks and appreciates all the support and the time spent together. It also shares never forgettable moments and one can write instances which are the most memorable ones. This letter asks the friend to keep in touch and keep calling whenever required. This letter shows love and affection for a friend during bad times and also respects the times spent to gather sharing each others feelings.

Dear Susan,

Today being the last day in this organization reminds me the times we spent together having fun and working for this company. It was really very pleasant sharing your company and lovely to have a friend like you.

I will really miss all your support and your intellectual skills to do up with all the work. No one will take your place any where I go but will try to find some one like you to be your replacement. My telephone number remains the same and will definitely keep in touch with you. You do keep coming to my residence when ever you feel like.

We will try and patch up at least once in a month at our favorite coffee shop or our regular restaurant.

Please do keep in touch.


Billie Odom.

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