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Notify the Change of Residence to Landlord

Dear Sir,

This is to inform that I have decided to move out from your apartments as I have got transfer and would be leaving the city. According to your contracts I have to give a months’ notice so I am informing you about this.

I have to say that I had stayed for two years and I had a wonderful time staying in this locality and your house. You have been an excellent landlord and has cleared all our requirements and come in the time of need. I am really thankful to you for all your help during our stay. My family and kids always like the ways you and your family took care of us. We never ever felt that we are your tenants; you were like a family member. We are not happy to move out but I can’t help as it is a good offer and I have to join within a month. We all will be missing you.

Please call me if there is anything you would like to discuss with me.


Yours name.

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