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Persuasive Letter

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To whomsoever it may concern.

I am writing this to inform you about my financial hardship. I have lost my job and I am trying to get another job. But as you know in this period of recession getting a job is not easy, it is become very difficult for me to pay the bills.

I have a good payment history and have never been late on my payments. I would like to pay everything I owe and plan to make payments regularly once I get a job.

I expect this situation to be temporary and expect you to provide a plan that would allow me to make minimal payment or no payment for next few months. I am aware that you have some kind of repayment plans and loan modifications where I don’t have to pay late fees and my credit is also not effected etc. I have also enclosed the bank statements of last three months, spreadsheets of my monthly expenses etc for your reference.

Looking forward to your reply and thanking you in anticipation.


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