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Editor Letter – Sample Letter To The Editor

Letter To The Editor


Date ___________


The Editor




Subject: – To bring the attention towards the corruption.

Dear Editor,

I wish to bring to your attention and public the growing level of corruption among municipal officers. The Municipal Corporation of the city already infamous its style of working is now faced with the new problem of growing level of corruption with its official.

It has become almost impossible to get any work done without bribing the officers. Everyone from down to top is openly asking for money. The role of anti-corruption is also mysterious in this regard. They seem to be only person not knowing about this and often fail to fake any steps even after receiving the complain. They rather ignore it and are also involved with the officers.

It’s also shame that people agree to pay the bribe and extra amount when they are entitled for the services and can take steps in this regard. It’s immediately required that enquiry be set up and the image of the corporation is improved to install people’s faith in this system.



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