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Proposal Letter to a Friend

Summary: The letter is written by a friend to the other one extremely close to his heart, who intends to offer the partnership in his business. A friend is undoubtedly the most trustworthy person and writing a letter is certainly the best way.

Mr. Steve Butler,

368, Baking towers,




Dear Steve,

Very warm greetings. I have been thinking seriously about a proposal which I want to present to you. I desire to offer you a partnership in my business. You might know that it is getting difficult on my part to manage my retail garment’s business and I want the helping hand of an honest and loyal partner. We have a long time association and I am very well familiar of your managing capabilities. So, this is my official proposal to you to become partner.

I know that you are acquainted with my commercial enterprise; it is my duty to convey it officially. I have 15 shops in the state of California, located in the various cities including Las Vegas and Los Angeles which yield an annual turn over of 15 million. I have attached other details for your convenience. I will be waiting for your response in order to start formal proceedings.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Stephen Anderson,

Managing Director,

Anderson group of garments.

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