Reconsideration Letter

A consideration is a request to think for the first time and reconsideration is obviously thinking about it the second or third time.Reconsideration is a request to someone to re-think about her/his decision of rejection or elimination.

A Reconsideration Letter comes into play only when an application or request has either been rejected or the person has been eliminated. But this letter should only be written if one has strong points to oppose the decision.


  • A Reconsideration Letter should be written only when the rejection or elimination information has been received
  • Since it is a request to re-think on the decision of rejection, the tone of the letter should be requesting in nature and not dictatorial
  • A Reconsideration Letter should only be written if the writer has strong arguments to oppose the decision
  • The letter should be precise and brief
  • It should only talk about the rejection, request for reconsideration and reasons why a reconsideration is being requested
  • The language used in the letter should be simple yet effective
  • Use of adjectives should be carefully done to ensure the maximum impact of the letter
  • There is no scope for any grammatical or punctuation errors


________________ (Name and address of sender)

_______________ (Date)

Subject: Request to reconsider my application for admission into ________

Dear Sir or Madam

I am in receipt of your letter-dated _______ informing me that my application for admission into _________ (course) has been rejected due to the following reasons:




With due respect to your deciding board, I beg to differ from your reasons for rejecting my application. In support of my candidature I would like to state that I am better than the rest because of:




I would therefore request you to please reconsider it based on the points mentioned above. However I will respect your decision if I do not hear from you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

(Name of sender)

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