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Character Reference Letter Sample

Someone has rightly said take away my money, you take nothing; take away my character, you take everything. ”A good character has no parameters .Yet we need appreciation of the society for it. No one wants to stand condemned, by the ones around him.

Here is a sample character reference letter:


Marry Smith

Human Resource Manager,

Technotech Inc.,


1st June, 2010

To whom it may concern:

This is to confirm that Ms. Angela Woody has been working with us for past 3 years. She was appointed as a Web Designer and she did a good job in all these years. Her performance was up to the mark.

She has been a hardworking and diligent person during the tenure with us. She has worked on various projects undertaken by us successfully; she has headed many projects where she has shown her sharp skills and industrious mind. She is a very enthusiastic and creative person and always gives her 100% to her work. The designs she made were simply awesome and were appreciated by our clients.

Her character is impeccable. She is very professional at work and put all her efforts to make the job done in the given time. Along with all this Angela is a very kind, generous and simple lady. With all her qualities she will be an asset to any company that she joins in future. She has never given us any cause to reprimand her. The company wishes her luck.

If you need to seek any other information about Angela, please do ask me without any hesitation.

Thank You,


Mary Smith


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