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Cover Letter And Reference

This kind of letter is written in a reply to the asking of the company for some extra details of the person, joining the company, even after receiving the basic details of qualifications and work experience of the person. This is done in order to get assured about the work skills and the actual abilities of the person. These are the details are not even mentioned in the resume or CV of the person.

Some important rules to write an appropriate cover letter:

  1. The letter must be written formally showing due respect to the receiver, since he/she is the person going to employ the sender.
  2. The letter must contain all the required details as being asked by the company.
  3. No wrong information must be provided.
  4. The letter must be addressed to the right person so as to avoid any misunderstand.
  5. The letter must be ended with proper thanks giving and respect to the receiver.

Cover Letter And Reference Sample






Date: ________ (date of writing the letter)





Subject:  reference and cover letter

Respected Sir,

Your company is in search of excellent skilled worker for the XYZ post and hence I’m sending all my work experience proofs and my projects in the last years that are not mentioned in my resume.

As being mentioned in my CV, I have worked for five years in the PQR Company. I handled many projects. I worked for the MNO post and I completed four projects during my job. The first one was a project on the product designing and I completed with ten of my colleagues and successfully completed it within six months. That time I got my posting to Haryana. Then in the next four years I completed three more projects. Then I’ve got a one year job experience at Madhya Pradesh in the ABC Company and I completed a six years of job experience and then joined your company.

I hope I will be able to give my best for your company.


Yours faithfully,

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